Honda CB150R ExMotion

Listing Type   Free Ad
Brand   Honda
Model   Honda CB150R ExMotion
Engine Capacity   149cc
Classification   Class 2B
Registration Date   26/08/2019
COE Expiry Date   25/08/2029
(5yrs 1mths 10days COE left)
Mileage   20000km
No. of owners   1
Type of Vehicle   Street Bikes

Bought In 2019 August Honda CB150R ExMotion.
In Very Good Condition.
Female Rider.
Servicing Every 2-3K.
Super Fuel Efficient.
Can Ride 300Km 7L (Tank Is 8L).
Replaced Did Xring Gold Bike Chain.
Bike Fully Paid.
Only Accept Full Cash.


Speedometer Screen Protector.
Seat Cover Wrap.

Seller Information
This listing is sold.