Nano Energizer For Class 2B & Class 2A Motorcycle

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Nano Energizer Fuel Savings Technology For Smaller Engine 600cc and below

Benefits :

- Easy Engine Restoration Without Disassembling
- More Power & Economical Solution
- Fuel Saving 8-21% (40% In Idle Mode)
- Reduce Engine’s Noise & Vibration
- Restores Friction Surfaces And Protects Against Wear
- Increase Oil Pressure & Great Combustibility
- Environmental Friendly And No Side Effect
- Long Lasting (Up To 30,000Km)

How To Use:

Warm Up Engine For 3~5 Minutes.
Switch Off The Engine.
Shake Well Nano-energizer (About 1 Minute).
Open Oil Filter Cap And Inject Nano-energizer Into Engine Oil.
Close Oil Filter Cap.
Warm Up Engine For 10~20 Minutes Or Run For 20~30Km.
The Treatment Process Will Take 800~1,000 Km Engine Running.
Once The Treatment Completed, It Will Last Up To 30,000Km.
Repeat To Use Nano-energizer After 30,000Km Engine Run.

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