Unveiling the Gleaming History of Singapore's Motorcycle Licence Plates

Posted On : 04-05-2024

In the early 1900s, Singapore was one of the four Straits Settlements, and the automobile ERA was beginning. Private car and motorcycle owners needed a way to identify their vehicles; thus, license plates were born. 

The first license plates for private cars in Singapore were assigned the letter "S" as a prefix, which stood for "Singapore". These plates were followed by a suffix from "B" to "Y". It's worth noting that the letter "A" was explicitly reserved for motorcycles. 

The Classic "S" Plates: AS to AN

Let's dive deeper into the classic motorcycle license plates. If the "AS" motorcycle plate was registered to a vintage bike from day one, the owner could add an "S" in front of the plate. For example:

  • AS could be listed as S
  • AA could be listed as SAA
  • The series ran up to AN, which could be listed as "SAN"

However, starting from the AP plate, the "S" prefix was no longer allowed for vintage bikes. The A series plates ended, and a new era began.

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The Sought-After Single "F" Series

After the A series, the F series took centre stage. Due to its uniqueness, the single letter "F" became a sought-after feature on license plates. 

The F plate can have only one digit, meaning the total number of characters is 3. Collectors and enthusiasts prized these plates because of the single character. The FA series kicked off and continued until FZ.

The FBA Series and Beyond

The FA series transitioned into the FBA series following the single F series. From there, the sequence continued, marking the passage of time and the evolution of Singapore's roads.Collectors and Golden Plates

Some collectors cherish these classic vintage plates, especially those with unique combinations or historical significance. The allure of owning a piece of Singapore's motoring past drives enthusiasts to buy and collect these plates. 

Fast-forward to the present day, where FBW stands as the latest milestone in this storied journey. In today's motoring landscape, each plate represents a chapter in Singapore's rich history, from the golden motorcycle number plates of yesteryear to the bidded motorcycle number plates of today.

So next time you spot an old motorcycle with a distinctive plate, remember it carries a piece of Singapore's rich automotive heritage! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸοΈ

Image Credit: Isaac Poh

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