Unveiling the 2024 CFMOTO 450SR S: A New Pinnacle in Class 2 Sportbike Engineering

Posted On : 09-03-2024

The motorcycle arena is buzzing with the launch of the CFMOTO 450SR S, a sportbike that promises to redefine expectations for riders worldwide. Drawing from its rich racing lineage, CFMOTO has crafted the 450SR S with an unparalleled blend of speed, agility, and cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard in the class 2 riding license category.

Aerodynamic Mastery Meets Explosive Power

At the heart of the 2024 CFMOTO 450SR S lies a potent 449.5cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, delivering a robust 34.5 kW at 9250 rpm and 39.3 Nm of torque at 7750 rpm. This powerplant is designed for thrill-seekers, offering explosive acceleration and a cruising range of up to 300 km, thanks to a generous 14L fuel tank.

Incorporating a 270° crankshaft angle and a double-balance shaft minimizes vibration, enhancing rider comfort on long rides and high-speed pursuits.

Revolutionary Design and Superior Handling

The CFMOTO 450SR S stands out with its aerodynamic design, featuring upgraded front wings and a striking hollow-design fairing reminiscent of a shark fin. This improves heat dissipation and optimizes air circulation around the engine. 

The bike's visual appeal is further amplified by a single-sided swingarm and an underslung exhaust system, which not only add to its aggressive looks but also contribute to its low curb weight of 179 kg, ensuring the bike remains agile and responsive whether navigating city traffic or cornering on the track.

Advanced Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension

The 450SR S's chassis, brakes, and suspension setup demonstrate CFMOTO's commitment to delivering a track-worthy riding experience. The bike has an upgraded 37mm upside-down front fork with adjustable damping, allowing riders to tailor their ride according to personal preferences and road conditions. 

The high-performance Brembo front brake setup is now complemented by an upgraded 240mm dual-piston brake disc at the rear. These features and standard ABS ensure maximum control and safety during hard braking and high-speed manoeuvres.

Next-Generation Rider Aids and Connectivity

Enhancing the CFMOTO 450SR S's appeal are its advanced rider aids, including a standard traction control system that mitigates rear-wheel slip in low-traction scenarios and a slipper clutch for smoother downshifts and enhanced cornering stability. Automatic headlights and ESS emergency braking lights bolster on-road visibility and safety. 

The sportbike's technological edge is highlighted by a 5-inch TFT curved display offering seamless navigation projection alongside a convenient Reserve Type C/Type-A charging port, ensuring riders stay connected and charged on the go.

Exclusive Colors and Availability

The 2024 CFMOTO 450SR S will be available in two exclusive color schemes: Zircon Black and Tundra Grey, each reflecting the bike's dynamic performance and sleek aesthetics. This launch solidifies CFMOTO's position in the competitive sportbike segment and offers enthusiasts a new class 2 option that doesn't compromise on performance, technology, or style.

As the latest addition to CFMOTO's esteemed lineup, the CFMOTO 450SR S is poised to captivate riders seeking a sportbike that blends race-bred energy with real-world versatility. Whether dominating the track or exploring winding mountain passes, the 450SR S is engineered to excite and inspire.

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