Suzuki To Launch GSX-S1000T Tourer As 2022 Model. A Glimpse Of The New Tourer May Stop You In Your Tracks!

Posted On : 21-06-2021

The year 2021 saw the launch of GSX-S1000, and with this event, the fans knew there was something special coming. Their expectations were met when Suzuki reportedly started working on restyled and upgraded GSX-S1000F.

The new bike will replace GSX-S1000F and will be called the  'GSX-S1000T'. The upcoming motorcycle is more in a touring-oriented direction. With the drop of F now, you can surely understand why there is a "T" in the model's name.

Image: Current GSX-S1000 Engine

The interesting thing is nobody knows what the bike looks like as there are no pictures of the bike yet. But Suzuki's type-approval documents are more than enough to help us picture clearly in your mind.

This paperwork is enough to show us what we can expect from the new tourer bike. So let's look at the details and see what to expect from the upgraded version.
On the mechanical side, the GSX-S1000T will follow the 2022 GSX-S1000. The motorcycle will come with the same 150 hp engine at 11,000 rpm and comply with Euro 5 regulations.

The peak torque is 106 Nm at 9,250 rpm, equal to the value produced by GSX-S1000. The chassis with a 57.5-inch wheelbase is similar to the GSX-S1000, nothing different. This means- no change to the suspension, and you would have the same Brembo brakes.

Image: Current GSX-S1000 


The exhaust system of GSX-S1000T is also carried from the twin naked bike. All these specifications show that both the motorcycles share the styling in more than one way.
So what is different about the bike? It's the bodywork that went through a series of changes. The new GSX-S1000T is taller, broader, and heavier than GSX-S1000.
The changes indicate that the GSX-S1000T is a more serious tourer bike. The reports show that the motorcycle is 47.8 inches, and with the addition of an optional screen, it further rises to 50.4 inches—both values higher than GSX-S1000 by 5.3 inches and 3.9 inches, respectively.

Image: Current GSX-S1000 F

Moreover, the overall length of GSX-S1000T also increases to 84.3 inches from 83.3 inches of the GSX-S1000. The increase in the length of motorcycle designates the addition of extra space for luggage. The most exciting change is the bike's weight, 8.8 pounds heavier than the naked model.

The greater weight hints that GSX-S1000T has a more touring-oriented style while keeping up with international standards. The documents by Suzuki also reveal that bike can carry 20kg more weight than GSX-S1000.
The fans who read about the bike in detail also conclude that the GSX-S1000 will have a more aggressive and modern style as its straight lines and flat planes will get replaced by curved edges and bulgy body panels. Also, small LED units will be tucked into angular front instead of oversized lights.
Suzuki is planning to release GSX-S1000T as their 2022 model. The paperwork's approval is proof that the production and launch are not far away. However, the real question is if the motorcycle will join the gang of most successful bikes released by Suzuki.

Let's keep our fingers crossed until the launch of the motorcycle. 

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