Revving Up: Electric Motorcycles Now Charging as Fast as Pumping Gas

Posted On : 16-03-2023

The world of electric motorcycles just got a significant boost, thanks to a partnership between Enevate Corp and Lightning Motorcycles. The companies have developed a new battery for electric motorcycles that charges nearly as fast as filling a gas tank. The battery technology features high-speed charge and high energy density battery technologies, which means riders can fully charge their motorcycles in less than 12 minutes!

This breakthrough battery is a game changer for the electric motorcycle industry, which has long struggled with the issue of range anxiety. With conventional electric motorcycle batteries taking anywhere from one to four hours to charge, long trips on electric motorcycles have always been a challenge. But with this new battery technology, riders can recharge their bikes quickly and easily, just like they would fill up at a gas station.

Moreover, the battery can be charged using existing public charging infrastructure, making it accessible to riders everywhere. With this breakthrough battery technology, riders of electric motorcycles equipped with Enevate's advanced lithium-ion cells can now ride alongside conventional motorcycles all day without waiting for hours at the charger.

Enevate has collaborated with Lightning Motorcycles to develop this cutting-edge battery technology. As part of the partnership, a 24-kWh battery pack with Enevate's advanced lithium-ion cells was integrated into Lightning's Strike Carbon e-motorcycle. The battery delivered 400 Amps at a charge rate approaching 5C, which enabled the motorcycle to charge quickly. The 47Ah Enevate pouch cells used in the pack were sampled in the second quarter of 2022 and assembled to create this innovative battery technology.

Since last year, Lightning Motorcycles and Enevate have been collaborating to demonstrate their combined capabilities, with over 1,000 miles driven on the road and "refueling" at 350kW public charging stations. Lightning's engineering team has conducted multiple road tests in partnership with Enevate's scientists and engineers.

Before charging test between Motorcycle A, B & LightningAfter charging test between Motorcycle A, B & Lightning

The breakthrough battery technology is part of Enevate’s XFC-Energy Technology for EVs, which features five-minute fast charging with high energy density and a long driving range. The company’s innovative, multi-layer design allows more energy to be safely packed into a single cell, optimizing the silicon-dominant anode performance through a combination of electrolyte formulation, cell design, and cell formation.

In addition to EV performance benefits, Enevate’s silicon battery technology delivers up to 26 percent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for manufacturing of EV batteries with Enevate’s XFC Energy technology compared to today’s conventional lithium-ion EV batteries.

This breakthrough battery technology is set to be commercialized for electric motorcycles in early 2023, giving riders the freedom and flexibility to ride their electric motorcycles as far as they want, with fast and easy recharging available whenever they need it. It's an exciting development that promises to revolutionize the world of electric motorcycles, making them a more practical and viable option for riders everywhere.

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