New Kid On The Block! The World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle Is Facing A New Aerodynamic Challenger

Posted On : 10-07-2021

Every automotive company is in search of innovations to improve speeds. Now and then, you come across a new design to beat the last one targeted for higher speeds and better performance.
Likewise, the fans worldwide keep an eye on the latest developments hoping for the next best riding experience.

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A relatively unknown British company called the "White Motorcycle Concepts" has come forward with a unique prototype claiming to smash the land speed record to achieve the top speed.
The Motorcycle Concepts' out of box thinking has gained the attention of fans around the globe.

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The unique looks of the motorcycle are promising enough, and fans are following the advance in the prototype with great interest.
The prototype is given the name WMC250EV with the prospect of beating the old record with a good margin.

Former world champion Max Biaggi holds the previous record. He made history on a Voxan Wattman with a peak speed of 254 mph across two runs in opposite directions and averaged 228 mph.

Why is the company so sure of success? You can answer that question in just one glance—the design uniqueness speakers for itself. The prototype design features a tube that runs from front to back through the bike.

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In addition, the motorcycle's duct system named V-air makes the bike the most aerodynamically advanced motorcycle in the world.
How does the bike make a difference?

The air is forced through the motorcycle rather than making it go around the motorcycle.The concept effectively reduces the air resistance up to 70%. It's not just a claim as the figures are tested at the UK's Horiba MIRA facility.

The design of the machine also had to be of utmost creativity to help the bike achieve the maximum speed. The motorcycle has a double swing arm, and the bottom half carries the electric drivetrain and battery packs.

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The motorcycle's specs are specially designed to fit in the speed. Twin batteries of 20kWh batteries run the bike's front wheel along with state-of-the-art braking to reduce wasted power and recharge the batteries too.

The rear wheel comes with 30kWh batteries take the total output power to 135 horsepower. The weight of the super speed bike is only 135kg, thanks to the effective use of carbon fibre elements.

The target of the motorcycle is to bring this fantastic motorcycle to the general public. Still, right now, the prototype is tailored only for the rider Rob White, a veteran rider with proven skills.

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He has showcased his skills at events like Formula One, Le Mans Prototype, V8 supercar and World Endurance Championship. White's bodywork was laser-scanned several times to make the prototype perfect.

White is pretty hopeful of achieving the speed of over 250 mph to set the world in 2022. However, first, the bike will feature at British electric semi-streamlined motorcycle record.

The British company has its eyes set upon two targets: grab the world record for the highest speed and get the fans to taste the high speed as an ultimate riding experience.



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