Introducing the SYM Maxsym TL 508: A Fusion of Power and Convenience

Posted On : 09-05-2023

Are you looking for a high-quality maxi scooter that provides the perfect combination of features? Look no further than the brand-new SYM Maxsym TL 508, the first model of SYM's twin-cylinder lineup. 

As the next-generation flagship maxi scooter from SYM, the TL embodies outstanding motorcycle handling and unbeatable scooter convenience all in one sleek body. Moreover, with the SYM Maxsym TL 508, you don't have to sacrifice anything, thanks to the perfect art of fusion.

The Maxsym TL boasts a motorbike-type engine mounting, providing exceptional dynamic performance and futuristic sports apparel. Its perfect body configuration, including a 50/50 weight distribution, shortened wheelbase, and single-sided multi-link rear suspension, ensures that the TL delivers excellent handling performance. 

The TL makes a statement with its compact size and sports-inspired clothing without needing any complex decoration. Its appearance is concise, rugged, and aggressive.

One of the standout features of the SYM Maxsym TL is its sufficient and stable power performance. Equipped with an in-line twin-cylinder engine featuring a reverse balance cylinder and multi-disc automatic wet clutch, the TL effectively reduces engine vibrations at high speeds, providing a smooth and vibration-free power delivery to the rear wheel from start-up.

With an 8-valve DOHC and 508cc displacement, the TL generates a maximum power of 33.5 kW at 6,750 rpm, making it one of the best performers in its capacity range.

When it comes to maneuverability, the Maxsym TL truly shines. Its rear mono shock with multi-link suspension absorbs impacts from the road surface with precision, allowing the rider to feel every inch of road feedback. 

With the double triple clamp and upside-down front fork, the suspension system is more stable and rigid. Combined with a 50/50 balanced weight distribution, shortened wheelbase, and extended aluminum swing arm, the TL is born to excel in high-speed stability and remarkable urban agility.

Safety is a top priority in the Maxsym TL, featuring a braking system that includes dual radial 4-piston front calipers and 275mm wave discs with steel braided brake hoses, delivering powerful braking force. The precise ABS control further enhances the ultimate braking performance, ensuring a safe ride.

The Maxsym TL has four reflective LED headlights that give excellent lighting performance. The high beam is especially helpful for seeing clearly during nighttime rides.

Not only does the SYM Maxsym TL excel in performance and safety, but it also boasts a concise and aggressive sportive look. TL's apparel boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, taking inspiration from the streamlined curves of modern 2-wheel superbikes. 

The all-LED light set highlights SYM's new high-tech brand signature, while the latest LED OPTICAL FILM technology is utilized in the rear light to create a modern and futuristic product identity.

The SYM Maxsym TL 508 breaks boundaries to offer riders a better choice without compromising. It is an all-in-one solution designed to fulfill your instincts and deliver excitement on every ride. 

Whether you seek power, convenience, maneuverability, or style, the TL has it all. Experience the fusion of power and comfort with the SYM Maxsym TL 508 and redefine your riding experience.

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