Harley-Davidson China Set to Unveil New Model Harley Davidson X350 on March 10th: A Possible Game-Changer for Singaporean Riders

Posted On : 08-03-2023

Harley-Davidson China has just released a new preview for their latest model, which is set to make its world premiere in the domestic market on March 10th. 

The new model, believed to be the "Domestic Harley X350" that was previously exposed, has been showcased in an official preview video that matches the design of the previously revealed X350 in every detail, from the fuel tank outline to the engine side cover.

The Harley X350 is based on the QJMOTOR Chasing 350 and has a displacement of 353cc, with a maximum power of 27kw, matching that of the Chasing 350. Although the brakes, shock absorption, rear rocker, and frame are highly similar to Chase 350, Harley has made some stylistic changes to the model.

With the world premiere of the Harley X350 scheduled to be unveiled in China on March 10th, it remains to be seen what this new model has to offer for riders. However, it is worth mentioning that the Harley X350's classification under the Class 2A category could make it an attractive option for riders in Singapore. Therefore, seeing if this new model will become popular among Class 2A riders looking to experience the thrill of riding a Harley will be interesting.

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