Goodbye To $5002 Coe As Cat D Motorcycle Coe Soars To $6521 After Midnight

Posted On : 17-05-2023

In an unexpected twist, the motorcycle Certificate of Entitlement (COE) market witnessed a significant surge in prices as the bidding for the oncoming COE concluded at 16:00:00 hrs on May 17, 2023. 

The surprise came even earlier, as at 00:00:38 hrs, just after midnight, the CAT D motorcycle COE had already reached a remarkable $6521, surpassing the previous $5002 COE price. 

The intense bidding saw a total of 680 bids received, leaving everyone curious about whether the pricing of the new COE will bounce back to the levels set by the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) recent policy changes. 

All eyes are eagerly awaiting the 4 pm announcement today.

The sudden surge in CAT D motorcycle COE prices have sparked interest among industry experts and potential buyers alike. The strong demand for COEs, combined with a limited supply, has intensified the competition, leading to higher prices. 

The significant number of bids received, totalling 680, showcases the fervour of motorcycle enthusiasts in securing a COE for their prized possessions.

The burning question remains: will the new COE pricing align with the recent LTA policy changes or deviate from them? The answer will be revealed at the highly anticipated 4 pm announcement today, shedding light on the market's response to the surge in prices and its resilience.

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