ERP 2.0 On-Board Unit Installation for Motorcycles: What to Expect

Posted On : 28-03-2024

Effective 1 May 2024, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will commence the installation of ERP 2.0 On-Board Unit (OBU) on all new vehicles and existing motorcycles. If you're a motorcyclist in Singapore, here's what you need to know about this upgrade:

OBU Installation Progress

The ERP 2.0 system's OBU installation has been progressing as planned. Over 13,000 vehicles have been equipped with OBUs since November 2023. As of 13 February 2024, OBU installation has also begun for new motorcycles. Authorized installers have streamlined their operations, and the LTA has incorporated feedback from early adopters to enhance the system.

New Vehicles Pre-Fitted with OBU

Starting 1 May 2024, all new vehicles registered in Singapore will come pre-fitted with the OBU. Authorized motor distributors and dealers (AMDs) will work with prospective buyers to finalize installation options, including the placement of the processing unit and whether to install the touchscreen display.

Existing Motorcycles: Installation Process

Existing local motorcycle owners will receive progressive notifications regarding their OBU installation. The LTA will send these notifications via letter, email, or SMS beginning on 1 May 2024. Here's what motorcycle owners can expect:

Notification: You'll receive communication from the LTA informing you about the OBU installation process.

Appointment Booking: Follow the steps outlined in the provided instructions (refer to LTA Annex A). Make an appointment with your preferred workshop for the installation.

Detailed Brochure: Each notification will include a brochure with comprehensive instructions on the appointment booking process and details about the OBU features.

Read more on how to do booking at LTA Annex A.

Free Installation, But Timely Completion Required

Good news for motorcycle owners: Installing the new OBU is free. Please note that it is mandatory to install the OBU within two months. Please comply to avoid a subsidized installation fee of $35. Kindly complete the installation within the given timeframe.

Installation Day

On installation day, bring your motorcycle to the selected workshop. No additional documents are required. Installation times may vary, so check with the workshop beforehand. Rest assured that once the installation process is complete, you will receive a comprehensive briefing on all the features of the OBU. You can be confident that you will gain a solid understanding of your new device. Enrollment comes with a comprehensive e-brochure that will equip you with all the essential information you need to get started. Don't wait any longer to start your journey.

Smooth Transition for All Motorists

The OBU has a five-year warranty and is compatible with existing ERP and parking gantries. Owners of other existing local vehicles will receive installation notifications later this year. For assistance, call the LTA Call Assist Service at 6377-2255. You can also coordinate installation with your regular servicing appointment at an authorized workshop.

Stay informed, install early, and enjoy a seamless transition to the ERP 2.0 system's OBU! 🛵🚗

Image & Video Credit: pioneerautocredit tiktok

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