DARE TO ASTONISH: Introducing the Diavel for Bentley – A Limited Edition Masterpiece

Posted On : 13-12-2023

Unveiling the Ducati Diavel for Bentley: A Fusion of Performance, Luxury, and Craftsmanship

In a groundbreaking collaboration that defies conventions, Ducati and Bentley have joined forces to create a limited edition masterpiece on two wheels – the Diavel for Bentley. This exceptional fusion of audacity and elegance, allure and innovation, redefines the rules of style and exclusivity in street bikes.

Limited Edition Excellence: 500 Units and 50 Unique Pieces

Inspired by the exclusive Bentley Batur and developed on the technical base of the Diavel V4, the Diavel for Bentley is a true collector's item. With only 500 units available to the public and an additional 50 exclusive Diavel for Bentley Mulliner units reserved for Bentley clients, this limited edition showcases the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship.

Bentley Batur Influence: Elegant Design and Scarab Green Color

The innovative and exclusive design of the Diavel for Bentley draws inspiration from the elegant and sophisticated lines of the Bentley Batur. The Scarab Green color, a sophisticated hue from the Bentley palette reminiscent of British racing cars, adds a touch of refined luxury to this exceptional street bike.

Miami Debut: Art Basel Week Unveiling

The Diavel for Bentley made its grand debut during Art Basel week in Miami Beach, a testament to its status as a work of art on wheels. This special event showcased the bike's unique design and reinforced its position as a collector's dream.

Exclusive Collaboration: Ducati and Bentley Unite

The collaboration between Ducati and Bentley goes beyond aesthetics, drawing from shared values such as high performance, craftsmanship, innovation, and exclusivity. The starting point for the Diavel for Bentley project is the high-performance and comfortable mechanical base of the Diavel V4. At the same time, the style is redefined, drawing inspiration from the Bentley Batur.

Unmatched Riding Experience: V4 Granturismo Engine

At the heart of the Diavel for Bentley beats the V4 Granturismo engine, a powerful and revolutionary force. The compact and lightweight engine offers significant torque while maintaining smoothness and control. It sets a new standard for performance and ease of use, with a primary service interval of 60,000 km.

Exclusive Details: Customization and Limited Edition Accessories

Each Diavel for Bentley comes with an exclusive wooden delivery box, a certificate of authenticity, a passenger seat for a comfortable two-seater configuration, and a dedicated motorcycle cover. For the privileged owners of the 50 Diavel for Bentley Mulliner units, further customization options allow them to match body colors with their Bentley cars.Exclusive Apparel Collection: A Fashion Statement for Diavel for Bentley Owners

To complement this extraordinary collaboration, Ducati and Bentley have curated an exclusive clothing collection dedicated exclusively to Diavel for Bentley owners. This particular apparel line further emphasizes the unique status of this limited edition streetbike.

In conclusion, the Diavel for Bentley represents a convergence of power, luxury, and design, setting a new standard for two-wheeled luxury. With its limited availability, unmatched performance, and exclusive features, this collaboration between Ducati and Bentley will become a symbol of sophistication and innovation in the world of class 2 street bikes. Dare to astonish with the Diavel for Bentley – a true masterpiece on two wheels.

Image Source: Ducati

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