2024 Yamaha Fino 125 Final Edition: Celebrating 60 Years of Timeless Style

Posted On : 12-03-2024

In a momentous celebration of its 60th anniversary, Yamaha presents the 2024 Yamaha Fino 125 Final Edition —a limited-edition scooter that captures the hearts of Thai riders. With only 999 units available, this iconic scooter pays homage to the enduring classic that has held a special place in the hearts of riders for over 18 years.

Distinctive Design and Exclusivity

The Fino 125 Final Edition stands out with its Emblem in shimmering gold, signifying its exclusivity. Each scooter bears a unique production number, making it a collector’s dream. The elegant Original Black color adds a touch of sophistication, while the specially designed anti-lock braking system (ABS) helmet ensures safety on the road.

Advanced Technology for a Smooth Ride

The Fino Final Edition boasts cutting-edge features:

1. BLUE CORE 125cc Engine: Fuel-efficient and powerful, this engine enhances fuel combustion and heat dissipation, resulting in an excellent riding experience.

2. DUO METER Display: Separated odometer and fuel indicator with an energy-saving LED display.

3. 7.2L Luggage Box: Convenient storage space for essentials, including a half-face helmet.

Availability in Singapore

There has yet to be an official confirmation on the 2024 Yamaha Fino 125 Final Edition availability in Singapore. However, interested buyers can stay updated by contacting Yamaha dealerships or visiting the official Yamaha website.

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