Honda Adv 150

Brand   Honda
Model   Honda Adv 150
Type of Vehicle   Scooters
Class   Class 2B
Engine Capacity   150cc
Engine   4 - Steps, SOHC, eSP, Idling Stop System
Bore and Stroke   57.3 mm x 57.9 mm
Compression Ratio   10.6: 1
Max Power   10.7 kW @ 8,500 rpm
Max Torque   13.8 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Fuel System   PGM - FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Transmission   Automatic, V-Matic, Automatic Centrifugal Clutch Dry Type
Frame Type   Double cradle
Front Tyre   110/80-14 M/C
Rear Tyre   130/70-13 M/C
Overall Length   1950 mm
Overall Width   763 mm
Overall Height   1153 mm
Wheelbase   1324 mm
Seat Height   795 mm
Dry Weight   132 kg
Fuel Capacity   8 litre
Max Speed   -
The Honda Adv 150 is a motorcycle designed for adventure and off-road touring. It features a 150cc engine, a rugged and durable frame, and advanced suspension and braking systems. The Adv 150 is known for its versatility and reliability, with a comfortable and upright riding position that is well-suited for long distance travel and off-road adventures. It is a popular choice for riders looking to explore the great outdoors and tackle challenging terrain.
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Rd 2, 23 May 2024
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