Yamaha R9 M: A Special Hand-made Motorcycle By Venezia Moto Now Revealed For Bike Lovers!

Posted On : 17-06-2021

Have you heard the term "Rising from the ashes"? If not, we have a practical example to show you. The name of our beloved phoenix, who rose from the ashes, is Yamaha R9 M.

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Yamaha revealed the 2022 YZF-R7 on 18 May 2021, to fill the R series gap. The bikers received it and started testing it. However, a new demand was emerging among motorcycle lovers.

When will the more powerful and better sports bike powered by an 899cc engine join Yamaha's sports bike series?

Now Jacopo Marzaro, mechanic and great motorcycle enthusiast working at Yamaha Motor dealership, Venezia Moto refused to wait for the tech teams to develop new products. Instead, he tore up the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT and rebuilt it into a unique new bike that he named Yamaha R9 M.

Here are the photos to show you the epic makeover of the bike.


What's left of the Tracer? Well, you can only find bits of the original bike. Jacopo Marzaro spent a year and a half completely transforming the Tracer 900 GT into a new one. He reviewed every piece and paid attention to even the most minor details.

Everything in this single seated bike is hand-made by Jacopo Marzaro himself, making it a work of art.

Let's talk about the changes now. The engine is no longer a 114 hp but a 140 Cavalli measured by the counter. Marzano achieved this incredible amount of engine power by duly rebuilding the machine from scratch.


Since more engine power needs a better brake system, the bike R9M is fitted with Brembo GP4 RX callipers and with Supersport discs and 17×19 brake pump, all made by Brembo. The head was painted red, and a new Akrapovic exhaust system gives the bike a unique angle. The aluminium tank is also revised to match the motorcycle.


Marzano stripped down the chassis to the basics. To make it even better than Tracer, he fabricated a new subframe and upgraded the suspension. The weight of the chassis now is 155Kg instead of the initial 190kg.

Marzano also saved a few pounds by using a forged OZ Racing wheelset. The adding of Pirelli slicks offering perfect grip make R9M ideal for tracks. Yamaha R9 M also features chains adjusters.


Moreover, the electronics of R9 M, all power control and anti-wheeling parameters have been brushed up to suit this powerful machine.
The highlight that steals the show is the fairing kit and livery steal.

Although top-grade componentry and performance upgrades are all there to make the motorcycle a biker's dream, the looks prioritise—the logos and stickers with the excellent paintwork complete the state of the art motorcycle R9 M.


From the pictures, you can see the amount of work and passion Marzaro put into the motorcycle. Maybe it's time for Yamaha to listen to the motorcycle enthusiasts who are in wait for a new and better track motorcycle-like Yamaha R9 M.

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