Will The Brembo “New G Sessanta” Be The Next-generation Technology In The Brake System?

Posted On : 28-05-2021

Founded in 1961, Brembo S.p.A started as a small workshop focused on specializing in brake systems. For the next sixty years, the company became the world leader in braking systems.

Now for its sixtieth anniversary, the company has released a video featuring a new G Sessanta Concept. A first of its kind LED-equipped brake calliper.

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Sessanta is an Italian word meaning 60. The design of this prototype is inspired by Brembo's first-ever motorcycle brake calliper from 1972. Brembo claims the new G Sessanta a revolutionary concept targeted to change the future of automotive.

The company has shared the first look of the new G Sessanta, claiming it as the refection of the original iconic model but with next-generation technology. The New G Sessanta Concept signifies the company's vision of new features and solutions for brake callipers.


Now let's see what's the new calliper has to offer? It's the addition of lights that makes it stand out from the previous models. The video shows the calliper fitted in the front wheel.

Using today's technology, the brake system can connect to a smartphone for optimal performance. The video essentially describes the use of a smartphone to communicate the status of the calliper and the vehicle. A specially designed app controls the colours of LED.
According to Brembo, the LEDs have two key applications.

First: the lights look fantastic. Imagine yourself riding your bike at night. You will no doubt grab the attention of everyone by the rainbow of colours.

You can also personalize lights according to your mood, enhance the style of the bike, or get a feel for the surroundings.Be sure to be a head-turner among your peers!


Second: The colourful display can be a source of communication between the rider or diver. Imagine the flashing red light advising you to change the brake pads.

You may also use them as additional brake lights to make your vehicle more visible when slowing down. The light may also help you spot the bike where it is parked.

Brembo has yet revealed no technical details, but it looks like an ambitious project.  But, imagination is limitless.

Many think of the new G Sessanta functioning as a disc brake lock or adding it into the motorcycle's electronic arsenal to enhance its performance to new levels.The callipers may also provide valuable data on the bike's condition and the calliper.


However, nothing can be determined till the commercial production of the new G Sessanta. Many riders voice their doubts. The main concern being LEDs usually don't last with high temperature.

Can the technology be used for every kind of calliper? You can't say anything for sure.  It will be an actual test of the company to overcome these small but significant hurdles.

Many have tried similar cool ideas, but will this one succeed? Only time is going to be the best judge.


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