Weekly Roundup: Safety First

Posted On : 16-04-2018

In this past week alone, countless news was released regarding motorcycle accidents. Whether it is the tragedy of a motorcyclist who passed away or the unfortunate mishap with serious injuries, motorcyclists all over the world have encountered all sorts of accidents.


For example, Virginia has hit a record high in motorcycle related deaths in over a decade, climbing up nearly 50% in 2017 compared to the year before, while in Thailand, statistics have shown that about 5,500 motorcyclists die annually. Hitting a little closer to home, Singapore has also seen cases where the motorcyclists here have come out worse in traffic related accidents. In fact, figures released last year revealed that motorcycle deaths made up close to 40% of all traffic fatalities in Singapore.


So, what can we do to keep ourselves safe?


Below is a compilation of tips on road safety for motorcyclists:

  1. Check (and wear!) your gear. Always wear the right gear, because in the worst case scenarios, there is always a higher chance of minimizing or even escaping injury. Having a quality helmet can do wonders in road accidents.
  2. Wear apparel that increases your visibility to other road users. In other words, try to dress in bright clothing and apply reflective materials to your attire and bike.
  3. Check your bike before you ride. Do a thorough inspection of your vehicle before you hit the roads, if there are any signs of damage or overuse, don’t risk it.
  4. This should be a given, but obey the traffic rules. They are there for a reason.
  5. Be aware of other vehicles. Sometimes other vehicles may change lanes and veer into your path as they may not be able to see you, so do keep a lookout and be cautious while motorcycling.
  6. Look out for potentially risky road conditions. Motorcyclists are more likely to skid out of control while on the roads, so make sure to watch for obstructions such as potholes, debris and other road obstacles.
  7. Adjust the ride accordingly to the weather - rain can make the roads more slippery, resulting in a higher chance of skidding. (Fortunately, or unfortunately, we only have rain to worry about here in Singapore)


Of course, there is not much you can do if you encounter the likes of tyrannical road bullies on the road, but do stay safe and look out for the two-wheeled vehicles on the road, because there could be lives riding on it. Literally.

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