This Future Smart Motorcycle Helmet Will Have All The Good Features Needed

Posted On : 03-03-2020

When we talk about smart motorcycle helmets, those "supposing" smart helmets that got the whole riders community talking about it came out quite disappointing as those who bought it did an online evaluated of their smart helmets. But this on-coming concept helmet by Livall, a brand that are doing helmets in cycling and skiing since 2014 may bring these tech-savvy helmets ball game to the next level. At least with some years of experience creating a similar product, this might be a more prospective company to be looking forward in creating this concept helmet. 

Livall Concept Motorcycle Helmet
4K HD camera at the centre of the helmet


As seen on the promo video by Livall, no more attach video cam to stick on your existing helmet. This concept has a 4k HD camera to capture and records all the surrounding and also a front & rear light that can light up or signal that link to your motorcycle transmission and the mobile app. 

Rear light & Signals integrated 


With all the standards LED touch functions located at the left-hand side like 5G, Bluetooth, Battery indicator, On & Off button. You can also chat with your copilot if you pair it up with a similar helmet.
On the right side, you can make phone calls and there is also a built-in speaker. 


LED touch functions
Helmet Jet Confirguration 


The plus point is, you can have the option to remove the chin guard area as a jet configuration.
Of course, the smartness of the helmet will have the GPS functions to get you to your destination, speed indications and also a heartbeat display on your front visor.

Front visor display

As for the heartbeat display, this might be quite useful for those with heart problems. But again, why ride if you have heart issues? For us riders, riding always gives an adrenaline rush which might keep the heat beat display beeping from start to end.

Overall, this concept helmet integrated all the functions needed. But to use it as a daily practical helmet, maybe they can design it to be drop-proof as some of us might be butterfingers
We shall wait and see the real helmet once its launches! 


Watch video:


Credit: livall

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