The formidable and updated new 2021 Yamaha MT-09 looks to street-fight the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS and KTM Duke 890

Posted On : 30-10-2020


Yamaha has gone flat out not only with an upgrade to its screaming inline-three street-bike, but a comprehensive overhaul. Meet the 2021 Yamaha MT-09, that’s not just powerful than its predecessor but smarter, lighter, and more efficient.  

The transformation has been brought about by upgrading and replacing every little aspect of the bike, taking the battle to the Street Triple 765 RS and the KTM 890 Duke.


Displacement on the DOHC triple inline has swelled to 890cc from the existing 847, now cranking 120 ps against the earlier 114. Engine internals gets a host of upgrades by way of lighter forged pistons, a new camshaft, fracture-split con-rods, crankshaft, and casing.

The injectors have been installed on the throttle valve side as against the cylinder heads to boost combustion efficiency. Yamaha claims that the new motor, despite the increased displacement is 11 percent more efficient than the 2020 model.


The bore stands unchanged, but the stroke is now longer at 62.1mm. Fueling is via Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), ride-by-wire in layman terms with Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) found on the YZF series albeit altered for the MT-09s application. Gear ratios have been optimized with the 1st and 2nd gear now taller than the previous model with a slip and assist clutch for smooth and effortless shifts through the six-speed box.

A bi-direction quick-shifter adds further convenience to the shifting duties. A dual outlet symmetrical exhaust now sits under-belly as against the right side mounted unit on the 2020 model.


Yamaha claims the frame on the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 is new that's thicker, stiffer, and lighter, manufactured using Yamaha’s Control Filling (CF) die-casting technology. Also, the steel frame from the 2020 model has been replaced with a lighter die-cast sub-frame. Weight saving also extends to the aluminum swing-arm that utilizes a welded box shape against the boomerang profile on the 2020 MT-09.

The KYB suspension at both ends come mounted with lighter wheels manufactured with Yamaha’s spin-forging technology claimed to decrease the spinning inertia at the rear by 11%. Overall the revised hardware has resulted in the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 shaving off a good 8 pounds of weight.

The 2021 Yamaha MT-09 also sees a host of electronic rider aids by way of six-axis IMU mated to Traction, Slide, and Lift Control System. There are three rides modes on offer, with two preset and one manual option to choose from. The ABS-equipped braking setup mounted over 298mm front twin and a 245 single-disc feature Brake Control System offers two braking modes. A new 3.5 TFT dash is also new, displaying all the performance and tell-tale figures.


The angry quad-led headlight is replaced by a single bi-functional single projector unit flanked by two vertical DRLs. Also, the rear tire hugger is replaced by a conventional tail-mounted rear fender.

Overall, that’s indeed a huge list of updates with Yamaha having left nothing untouched on the new 2021 MT-09. That should make the battle for street-bike supremacy all the more interesting. Pricing awaited.

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