The All-new 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 Supersport Motorcycle. All You Need To Know About This New Addition To The Yamaha R Series!

Posted On : 20-05-2021

Yamaha is a trusted name in the automotive world. You must have seen old and new Yamaha models running in streets and the advanced ones on the race tracks.

No doubt, the company has a rich heritage in introducing the most sought after supersport motorcycles. These bikes are designed to make the riding experience the best moments of a rider, irrespective of the location.

Now Yamaha has launched its new YZF-R7 Supersport Motorcycle. When Yamaha announced the latest addition in the R series, the seasoned bikers expected the motorcycle to fill the gap between the Yamaha R-series model lineup YZF-R3YZF-R6YZF-R1.  

The new Yamaha claims YZF-R7 Supersport Motorcycle with all its specs and performance has rightfully fulfilled all the expectations!


The supersport Motorcycle is a mid-level option for both new and experienced riders. For entry-level superbike riders, it's the best option to get the feel of the powerful bike experience.

In the same way, veterans can enjoy a pocket-friendly superbike. Now let's dig into the technical details. What makes this bike so unique? Yamaha has launched it, claiming it as a "next-generation R series superbike". The company has highlighted two main parts of the motorcycle, the engine and the chassis.


The bike is fitted with a 689cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC inline twin-cylinder similar to its naked sibling. The engine produces a maximum of 72.3bhp at 8,750rpm, and at 6,500rpm, it has a peak torque of 67Nm.

The engine features advanced CP2 engine technology. The light weightlessness and strength come from the forged aluminium pistons with a direct-plated cylinder added to the crankcase. This also helps in the bike's stability at a higher temperature, ensuring reliability at higher rpm.


Another highlight is the uneven firing order and a 270-degree crank, with the combination providing linear power delivery and a distinctive exhaust note. You can hear the motorcycle coming from a distance!
Now let's talk about the other highlight of the bike; its ultra-narrow and lightweight chassis. The chassis is tweaked to optimize the rake, trail, and wheelbase dimensions for better cornering.

Yamaha insists the "carefully developed" rider's triangle gives you the ultimate comfort with the design depicts the slimmest bodywork found in Yamaha's Supersport lineup to date. The result; reduced air pressure and the rider's best positioning for an ultimate riding experience.  


As for the brakes, the bike comes with 298mm hydraulic disc front brakes and 245mm hydraulic disc rear brake. The bike also features an inverted KYB 41mm front fork with optimized spring rate and damping settings targeted at predictable behaviour with a firm finish for winding roads and racetracks.

The bike height is 32.9 inches with a wet weight of 414 pounds. The bike has a reasonable fuel capacity of 13-litres.


With the Yamaha YZF-R7 Supersport Motorcycle, you get a new LED display. Although not in comparison with some advanced bikes, the motorcycle is equipped with a high-contrast negative dashboard.

The additional feature of the motorcycle is a new LED taillight and front and rear turn signals. With the slightest power draw, the LEDs offer long life and provide optimal visibility while riding any time of the day.   


The bike will be available in both blue and black colour in June 2021 onwards. The motorcycle has grabbed attention with its features. However, how long it will stay in the market?

Or much competition will it offer to its peer? It's not the right time to decide. Let the performance of the motorcycle speak for itself!


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