Starting In 2023, NEA Will Tighten Motorcycle Emissions So That They Are Less Noisy

Posted On : 09-04-2021

What do you think about when your beautiful morning is suddenly disturbed by the sound of a motor vehicle?

Imagine when you were drinking a cappuccino while reading the book. The atmosphere is very calm and makes you very focused on the book you are reading. When you are about to sip the cappuccino, suddenly, the calm is broken because there is the loud revving motorcar/bike passing near your residence. Very annoying, isn't it? 

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However, this will no longer be the case in 2023.

Starting 1 April 2023, The National Environment Agency (NEA) will begin to impose vehicle noise standards following those regulated by the United Nations.

The NEA stipulates that motorized vehicle sounds must be in the range between 68 decibels (cars) and 77 decibels (motorbikes) - the equivalent of normal speech noise levels.

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The noise standard itself is much lower than the Japanese and European standards currently in use. The standard applicable to them is 96-100 decibels or the equivalent of the sound of commercial aircraft taking off.

The NEA said motor vehicles should still make a sound for pedestrians to hear. As with any electric vehicle, the vehicle must have a minimum sound of 40 decibels.

Try to imagine if there is a vehicle that has no sound at all? Very dangerous, right? So with this oncoming rule, maybe the streets around your house will still have the sound of moving vehicles, and the sound's tolerance would be acceptable to all. 


Meanwhile, the NEA also said it would tighten emission standards for motorcycles registered before 1 July 2003, following up on a ruling announced three years ago.

These motorbikes can continue to be used until 30 June 2028, as long as it meets tightened emission standards.

NEA launched an incentive scheme in 2018 to encourage older motorcycle owners to scrape their motorcycle early. Nearly 60 percent of the roughly 27,000 eligible motorbikes had been unregistered under this offer since 31 December last year.

Starting 6 April 2023, motorbikes registered before 1 July 2003, will be required to meet the 4.5 percent carbon monoxide limit by volume and 7,800 ppm hydrocarbons (for two-stroke engines) or 2,000 ppm (for four-stroke engines).

This rule aims not only to make vehicles sound less noisy but also to reduce carbon monoxide emission levels.

Well, this might be the future of motorcycling in Singapore that is evolving with time. For those who had ridden with a loud exhaust before, this would just be good old memories like using the old Nokia phones that can blast out loud ring tones.

Its time to say "Farewell" to all race exhaust...

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