Soon to see electric motorcycles on Singapore expressways

Posted On : 06-03-2020

Starting 1st April 2020, electric motorcycle will be allowed on Singapore Roads. This is to encourage our future vision of clean and green transport system. Quoted by senior minister of state for transport, "After 2030, we should see no new purchase of internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles". With the new regulations taking into effect on April, Those electric motorcycles with a power rating of 10kW and above can be ridden on Singapore roads. And those with a top speed of 50kmh above will also be allowed to ride on expressway.


Photo Credits: Energica



Photo Credits: Harley Davidson


The road tax structure for the internal combustion engine will be range the same as electric motorcycles but with the add on the tax of $200 per year as to offset the fuel excise duties paid by the current internal combustion engine motorcycles. This add on tax will be removed once the government is ready to implement the future distance-based tax. 

This add on tax, however, will be introduced over 3 years stages. 

2021 - $50 per year 

2022 - $100 per year

2023 - $200 per year


For the existing classification of the license will no longer pledge to only internal combustion engine capacity. 

All Class 2B, Class 2A, Class 2 will be based on power ratings of the electric motorcycles. 

More charging points will be set up as of the current 1,600 points and by 2030, we will be expecting to go up to 28,000 points. 



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