LTA and Traffic Police impound upon bounty of 7 unregistered motorcycles and an ATV at Tampines Avenue and Hun Yeang Road.

Posted On : 09-10-2020
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Despite strict enforcements and penalties for any traffic violations- unfortunately, there exists a select few who derive thrill risking their lives and others. A similar case has popped up where the LTA (Land Transport Authority) confiscated seven unregistered motorcycles and an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) plying on the streets of Singapore. The LTA, with assistance from the Traffic Police, undertook an enforcement operation to catch the offenders on Sunday the 4th of October 2020, in the vicinity of Hun Yeang Road and Tampines Avenue.

A Facebook user by the name of Jerome Jeronimo posted pictures of the confiscation.  He took a jibe at the riders- "To those of you who have been actively posting pics and videos of your local off-road rides on various social media platforms- I would like to heartily congratulate you."

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While it is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle on public roads in any part of the world, what makes the incident appalling is that the riders of these vehicles were riding against the flow of traffic. There were also illegal modifications carried out not considered safe for the streets. Post the impounding of the illegal vehicles, the LTA said "We would like to remind the public that all motor vehicles must be registered with LTA and have their license plates prominently displayed before they can be kept or used on public roads in Singapore," LTA said.

Penalties for possession or driving an unregistered vehicle include a fine up to $2,000 or imprisonment till three months or both. Repeating the offense raises the fine to $5000 with imprisonment of six months or both. This operation by the LTA and Traffic Police should send a strong signal to offenders out there who plan to undertake any similar adventures with utter disregard for the loss of life and property.

Those who still wants to take this risk, do follow the SAF unofficial protocol, "Do whatever you want, just don’t get caught"! and DO NOT FLEX the videos Or pictures online! 

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