Kiki, Do You Love Motorcycles?

Posted On : 16-08-2018

The internet is known for some pretty crazy things. From viral trends like planking to doing the ‘Nae Nae’, these challenges have provided some semblance of entertainment to people all over the world.

(Image screen grabbed from YouTube)


And of course, when talking about trends, one cannot forget the latest craze. Known as the ‘Kiki Challenge’, it involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing along to a specific part of Drake’s song - In My Feelings.

It was allegedly started by American comedian Shiggy, who posted a video on his Instagram dancing along to the popular song while decked in a Reebok tracksuit.


Check out the video below!


And with all other crazy dangerous challenges, two-wheeled variants have begun to emerge as well.


The one shown above is probably the most popular version done on a motorcycle. Having garnered more than 200,000 views since its upload just last month, the video shows a daredevil hopping onto his bike, standing up on the two wheeler, and doing an impressive balancing act along with hand movements to match the lyrics of the song.


Take a look at some other motorcyclists doing this challenge, with their own special twist!


Now these are some awesome bike stunts to watch. But please do not try this at home or anywhere. 

Our precious bikes is too expensive to fall! 

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