Is Moxiao 500RR a worthy copy of Ducati Panigale? An In-depth review of the super clone for you.

Posted On : 25-04-2021

Imagine flying, air rushing through your hair, blood pumping in your veins, and you are riding your dream bike. But why the bike has to be so expensive to make this dream unable to come true?

Why not have a bike with all the leisure of a costly motorcycle and a pocket-friendly price tag? Above is undoubtedly the Chinese idea of cloning the Ducati Panigale. But is the clone close to the original product? Let’s take a look.

Moxiao 500RR, a super clone motorcycle targeted to offer you almost the experience of Ducati Panigale but at a very affordable price. Moxiao 500RR pulls off as the original Ducati Panigale from a bit of distance, but you can spot minor differences when you pay close attention. The bike looks so identical to the original the locals have named it the Domestic Ducati.

Inspired by the Ducati Panigale, Moxiao 500RR is similar in looks and design. Moxiao has used the same blazing red colour and graphics.

The motorcycle has the same font as Ducati Panigale with the golden upside-down forks upfront. With cleverly duplicated exact review mirrors and a single-sided swingarm identical to swingarm monobraccio, the bike comes close to the real deal.

Also, no one can ignore the perfectly copied shock absorbers painted yellow and the tail light design. It’s hard to spot any changes between Moxiao 500RR and Ducati Panigale at a cursory glance.


On the technical side, Moxiao 500RR comes with decent specs. A Loncin KE500 engine and a 471 cc double shaft powers the bike. Moxaio 500RR offers quality with eight valves from 48 Cavalli @ 8,500 rpm and 43 Nm torque @7000 rpm.

With these specs, the motorcycle can speed up from zero to 100km under seven seconds and reach the claimed top speed of 165kmph. A dual 320 mm disc brake with radial callipers at the front and a single rear disc of 260 mm make your ride a fantastic experience.

Moxiao 500RR comes with a fuel tank with a capacity of 22 litres, offering a mileage of 22km per litre. Also, oversized tires, 120/70 and 190/55 sections, are a treat to watch. The saddle weighs 196 kg and 790mm high from the ground, giving a good balance to Maxaio 500RR.

However, with all the impressive specs of Moxiao 500RR, there are a few things you cannot ignore.

The front angle of the bikes shows the difference in alignment of the front and rear and its fork. Similarly, the tail lamp is also not centre-aligned. Also, as Moxaio 500RR is a copy, it may look like Ducati Panigale, but its quality is anything but good as the original.

The motorcycle comes at the price of only 35,000 Yuan, (SGD$7150) quite affordable by any standard if you compare with our current COE. The Chinese formula of bringing high-quality copies at much lower prices than the original is undoubtedly working. With the specs of Moxaio 500RR, you cannot have the authentic Ducati Panigale experience but something close to it. You may consider Moxiao doing an impressive job in making Moxaio 500RR. However, coming up with their design would have been a much better idea.

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