How To Avoid Drama Dispute While Renting A Motorcycle

Posted On : 08-05-2020

Recently treading on Facebook social media that a drama dispute between a customer who rented a motorbike from a motorcycle rental company. What escalated the issue was the rental bike was not ridden by the customer as claimed by User Mahasarvanan Chandran.


Mr Mahasarvanan Chandran manages to track down his bike and here comes the dispute as follows with multiple videos recorded and share on social media. 
The bike was ridden out by another friend of the customer without his consent and was question using the phone speaker by the colleague of the rental company. 



As stated by Mahasarvanan Chandran in his social media, the friend of the customer left before the police came. He also mention that the friend of the customer may not have a valid license and warn all other motorcycle rental company to be vigilant when renting out their motorcycles to customers without valid motorcycle licence as this might be losing end to all road users and customers if the motorcycle insurance company repute any claims due to invalid licence. 

We would suggest customers who rent a motorcycle to take note of these few points to avoid future dispute ;
- Have a valid motorcycle licence before renting 
- Only rent from a reputable motorcycle rental company.  
- Make sure your name is included in the rental contract if you are sharing with your friend  
- Request rental companies to show their valid commercial motorcycle rental insurance coverage for the bike you are going to rent. 
We understand some private end-users are providing motorcycle rental to customers at some platforms offering very cheap motorcycle rental. 
Insurers had rejected claims of the customers that got into an accident due to the provider(private end-users) are getting personal insurance coverage which voids when the insurer pursue in the case. This might be a losing end if you get yourself into an accident.


6 Parts of the Videos as follows:



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