Ducati Multistrada V4 | All New And Upgraded With Front And Rear Radars, Making Your Riding Experience Safe And The Best!

Posted On : 14-05-2021

Ducati always comes up with some out of box ideas to make the user experience fascinating. The company keeps on adding valuable features targeting the rider's pleasure and safety.

This kind of innovative tech with speed makes the company a top choice among motorcycle lovers.  

Ducati's video shows its fourth generation Ducati Multistrada V4, all new and improved. Along with the upgraded engine, the motorcycle also features both front and rear radars in its new Ducati Multistrada V4.

The first-ever bike with ARAS technology (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems). With the auxiliary operation of adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection, the bike attracts all who want a comfortable riding experience.  

The video smartly explains how the system works to facilitate the rider. But before that, you need to understand what radar is?
Radars are sophisticated devices designed to locate the other devices in their range.

The use of radar was initiated in the planes to detect and avoid collisions with other aircraft. Then the use of radars moved down to cars. Now finally, Ducati leads the way for others in installing it in its fourth generation of Multistrada.


The radars are installed in both the front and rear areas of the bike. The radars have compact dimensions of 70 x 60 x 28 mm and weigh only 190gms. Complementing the bike's design, you can't spot the radars as something superficial added to the motorcycle.
The adaptive cruise control is the next step in the traditional cruise control installed in all the existing Multristada bike models.

 How it's upgraded? The system has now a new adaptive feature of adjusting the bike speed. See, the front radar controls the brakes and throttle of the bike.

If you are enjoying the ride on an empty road, then the bike can accelerate to the maximum speed of 110km/h.

No worries there!
However, if there's traffic, the front radar will spot the vehicle in front of you and would adjust the speed. The adaptive cruise control works by monitoring the distance in time between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Then it acts in slowing down the engine to adjust the speed of the bike. In addition to it, the radar also adjusts speed by controlling the braking system with progressive acceleration and deceleration.

You can once again go back to your set cruising speed once the vehicle is no longer in front of you.
The front radar also uses overtake assistance. A feature installed to detect the left-hand or right-hand drive. The Adaptive Cruise Control also detects if the turn signal is being used to take a turn or overtake, resulting in a safe overtaking.

The system is ideal for long motorway drives. It's an automotive-derived system, and you can activate and adjust as you like it.


The rear radar helps in detecting the blind spot. The blind spot? The areas not visible to you either directly or even in the rear mirror. The system enables you to detect the vehicles in your blind spot.

The radar controls the riding assistance system and has nothing to do with managing the bike's speed. The system makes use of the LED lights installed in the rearview mirrors.

The LED switch on to warn you in two situations. One, a vehicle is about to enter your blind spot or is already in your blind spot, Second if you want to change lanes when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

The LEDs on the corresponding sides switch on, informing you of a possible critical situation. The blind-spot detection system comes in handy no matter in which location you are riding.

Moreover, you can adjust it to your liking by using the joystick controls of the bike.
Ducati has always proceeded with innovative ideas, with one thing prominent in their design, to make the motorcycle ride the best experience of your life. It's now a challenge for the company's competitors, as the bar has been set high. The video does really prove the point!


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