Batman Rides His Batpod Motorcycle In Malaysia To Have A Teh Ais Ikat Tepi Before Meeting His Old Nemesis, The Joker!

Posted On : 05-09-2020

Batman has teleported to Malaysia! "He" even stop by to have an Ice Milk Tea before meeting his old nemesis, the Joker! 
That's the story of this short video clip by Galeri Kereta who had created this film for Malaysia's Dark Knight Fans! 

Image Source*Batman Drinks Ice Milk Tea*

*Shiok Face After Drinking Ice Milk Tea*

Some history fact of Batman's motorcycle; the "Batpod". The first appearance of the Batpod was in their batman series; "The Dark Knight"!
As for the "Batman" appearing in this film, he is quite well known as the Batman of Malaysia. Since young, he has already been a fanboy of the Marvel DC Comics; Batman. 

Image Source


Mr "Batman of Malaysia" who remains anonymous wants to build his version of Batpod. So he got in touch with his workshop "Eastern Bobber" to customise his very own Batpod. Using a Modenas Jaguh 170, the "Batpod" fine-tuned to look just like the original Batpod.

Image Source


As for his costume, he went to the extent to handmade with an old leather jacket to look just like the real one. 
Well, he is not ending there for sure, Malaysia Batman is now building his very own Batmobile! We shall wait and see how the end product of the Batmobile will look! 

Watch Video On Malaysia Batman:

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