Aveta Dayang ADV 150 Vs. Honda ADV150? Does the inspired ADV 150 also perform like the original Honda AD150 or just copy the looks?

Posted On : 24-05-2021

The Honda Adv 150 is famous and a top choice among the bikers as it is the only automatic adventure scooter in the 150 cc class. It was introduced in the market two years ago.

With good spec and attractive design, its sale was exemplary. But from the day since then everyone was looking forward to the copy motorcycle in the market.

Their wait was over as the copy of the Honda AD150 arrived with the name of Aveta Dayang ADV 150.


Aveta Dayang a company based in Malaysia with its origin from China. So, nothing more to say, as you must be fully aware of the copy culture of Chinese manufacturers.  It's a regular thing to find a copy of the famous products made in China.

These copy may be better than the original product in many cases, yet the Chinese manufacturers don't shy away from duplicating the actual product.


Although from the looks of the Aveta Dayang ADV 150, it is heavily inspired by the original Honda ADV150. The side profile and the bike's front show the uncanny resemblance to the actual entry-level adventure scooter.

When compared with the design, you will not find many changes from the original. However, many highlights are distinguishing Aveta Dayang ADV 150 from the original.


The motorcycle seems quite aggressive with the offered specs. The bike comes with a 150cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled EFI engine. The engine produces a power of 16.2 horsepower and a maximum torque of 14.6 Nm.

The sour truth is, the power offered by Aveta Dayang ADV 150 is greater than the Honda ADV 150 with 14.3 horsepower and a maximum torque of 13.8 Nm.


Furthermore, the bike is equipped with a 7-inch TFT screen. The screen is categorized as fine addition because it has a GPS feature connected to an application by blue tooth connectivity on a smartphone.

In addition, this screen is also equipped with TPS (Tire pressure monitoring) to monitor tire pressure. The most brilliant feature is the addition of front and rear camera recorders. You can later see your travel through the bike's eyes.


You can adjust the motorbike's windshield height. The seat height is only 775 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 9.3 litres, so the Dayang ADV 150 has a pretty decent fuel range, and you won't be needing fuel stops after short distances.

The pricing of the bike is pretty affordable too.  The introductory price is USD 2,400 or roughly S$3200 machine price. With the specs offered, it is a very reasonable price for an adventure bike.
The motorcycle is undoubtedly a good addition, but wouldn't it be better to develop their original design? A little money spent on the design originality would go a long way in building consumers' trust in Chinese manufactured products.    


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