Apex H2 hydrogen-powered motorcycle. Is the future of the new breed of hybrid motorcycles is here and now?

Posted On : 29-04-2021

You love to speed up on a head-turner bike—a bike with all the advanced tech, cool and sleek looks and low fuel consumption. But where to get such a bike is a quest for every biker. All motorcycle companies keep on coming up the ambitious design to satisfy their customers.

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To gain the customer's attention, Segway is launching a new futuristic hybrid hydrogen-powered motorcycle Apex H2 in 2023. The first look of Apex H2 created quite a stir in 2019 with its unique concept and out of the box design.

Segway's name was unanimous with mall scooter until acquired by Ninebot. It is the company's first ambitious project of the hydrogen-electric hybrid motorcycle. The modern and sleek design seems to come straight out from a science fiction movie or the pages of a fantasy science fiction writer.


The main highlight of the bike is its hybrid hydrogen-electric powertrain that converts gaseous hydrogen into electrical energy using a special fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel of Apex H2 will generate 60kW or 80Hp and can gain the top speed of 150km/h.

Segway has also claimed that Apex H2 will accelerate from 0 to 100km/h speed in less than four seconds. The specs are no doubt impressive by any standard.

Also, you can swap the empty hydrogen canisters with the filled ones, an efficient solution effectively replacing the long recharging time. The hydrogen fuel cells are easily replaced to be refilled. Along with this, solid alloy canisters will make the use of hydrogen safe and secure.

In looks, Apex H2 is a dream come true for every bike lover. Your attention is grabbed at once by the bright green neon-lit accents, highlighting the bike's sleek design. The single-sided swing arms on both wheels giving the floating allusion.

The design looks perfect with a 7-inch screen on the dashboard and an Led lighting system. The angular design with all bold angles and thoughtful design will make you fall in love with it at first sight.



However, with all the good specs and beautiful looks, the bike needs to satisfy some serious concerns. Segway has only shared a very few specs for the introductory model. What will the final look of the bike be like?

It's a still question waiting to get satisfied till the motorcycle goes into production? Segway has shared no further details about the fuel tank, which may prove the main highlight for potential buyers.

Furthermore, Apex H2 is only good if you can find a hydrogen filling station nearby, which is not common yet. Also to how to manage the consumption of fuel, the manufacturer requires an appropriate support system.
Segway has announced the introductory price of S$14343 or 69,999 Yuans. The company is going for crowdfunded production to take place soon.

The production of this out of box design will commence as soon the company grabs 99 pre-orders. Honda and Suzuki are working on similar projects, but who will win the future game is too early to say. 


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