2021 Aprilia RS125 And Tuono 125. Are These Motorcycles Able To Attract European Markets With Their Design? An In-depth Review Of The Upgraded Bikes.

Posted On : 16-05-2021

Before the launch in the international market, Aprilia has released the first look of its new and updated RS125 and Tuono 125. The pictures give an idea of what to expect from the Italian manufacturer.

Both the motorcycles look trendy with their cool design, but how good they will perform? You can only make a guess. The final verdict of the riders will decide the future of the motorcycle when it will hit the market.

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Since the release is for the European market, Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 are upgraded to make them Euro 5 complaint. The street-style bikes have been tweaked in styling and design to resemble their respective 660 models.
Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 both share identical Chassis, engine and electronic package. The bikes are made in Italy, focusing on the European markets. 


Like their twin 660 models, the front has the same all-LED lighting unit combining headlight, daytime run lights, and turn signals. The engine is fitted in the die-cast aluminium frame.

Both the bikes come with a fully digital instrument panel on the front. The bikes also offer Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, a charging port, and an under-seat storage area large enough to carry a smartphone or tablet.

A USB charging port is also available. The seat heights in Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 are 820mm and 810mm, respectively.


As for the Colour schemes, the new paint scheme seems quite attractive in the pictures. The 2021 Aprilia RS 125 is on offer in two shades - Aprilia Black and Sintesi Blue.

While the 2021 Aprilia Tuono 125 colour choices include Aprilia Black, Lightning White, and Arrow Gray.
Now for power output, Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 have the same engines as the previous models.

They are just upgraded a bit according to the Euro 5 emission norms. The power output remains at 15.2 PS from 10,750 rpm with a 6-speed gearbox is coupled with it.
The upgrading involves a new cylinder head unit, new intake and exhaust channels, a reshaped combustion chamber, and a new iridium spark plug. The exhaust system is also upgraded, which now make use of a better catalyst.


The wheels are also a highlight of the new Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125. 100/80-17-inch at the front and 140/70-17-inch Michelin tyres are fitted in the rear, giving it a smooth run. An asymmetrical swingarm is attached with a mono-shock providing 4.7-inch of travel.
As part of the upgrade, Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 have a two-channel ABS, thanks to Bosch for collaborating with Aprilia.

For the brakes, the front has a four-piston radial-mount calliper with a 300 mm disc. Also, the rear has a single-piston calliper with a 218 mm disc.

According to Aprilia, the fuel capacity for both the bikes is 14.5 litres, which is the largest among the bikes in the same class.
Both Aprilia RS125 and Tuono 125 look promising for street-class entry-level bikes. But will they be able to satisfy their European customers? Or will these two models be coming to Singapore? Only time will tell.

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